Gelato Cream Bases and Mixes

What is Gelato?

Gelato is the delightful and refreshing tradition of Italian ice cream lovers. The flavors are bright and robust bringing excitement to the palette. The product is made fresh in the store and served soft to better enhance the flavors. Gelato's vibrant colors are best presented whimsically decorated in small pans displayed in a glass dipping case.

What is Classic Gelato Base?

Classic Gelato is an authentic Italian style gelato base. With the help of Italian Gelato Masters, our formula was designed to meet the profile of the same gelato you would enjoy on the streets of Rome, Florence, or Venice. Classic Gelato is a liquid base made from fresh dairy ingredients. Unlike some gelato bases, we perform the pasteurization process for you eliminating the need for some expensive equipment, governmental inspections, certifications and complicated procedures at your store. The Classic Gelato cream base provides you with the best flavor background and functionality for incorporating authentic gelato flavoring bases.