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Galloway Company is looking for YOU to “Moo”ve into our WORLD CLASS organization…

Operator Positions Open NOW!
What You Will Be Making:

    • $25.22 per hour starting
    • $28-$32 per hour by the end OF YOUR FIRST YEAR
    • 401(k) match PLUS additional Company MATCH
    • Health Insurance
    • Paid time off WHEN YOU START
    • PLUS much, much more

What Your Day Will Look Like:

  • Creating high quality ingredients and products that are used in EVERYDAY, NATIONWIDE candy and beverage PRODUCTS
  • Using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY in an industry leading facility.
  • Working with HIGH LEVEL operators on an EXPERIENCED team that is looking to pass down their knowledge to workers WILLING TO LEARN.
  • Helping Galloway STAY AT THE TOP of the market by CHALLENGING yourself to get the JOB DONE RIGHT in the correct time, no more, no less.

If you are interested in applying for a Production Operator position at Galloway Company, please follow the link below to complete an online application and upload your resume:
Production Operator – Galloway Company
Upon receipt of this information you will receive an invitation to complete a Culture Survey. Resumes will be reviewed once the Culture Index Survey is completed. Galloway Company is an equal opportunity employer.